Welcome to SurScan

SurScan specializes in Drug, Alcohol, and DNA screening. Established back in 1998 in order to create an accountable drug testing process for its customers in the healthcare industry. With over a decade of experience, SurScan has perfected it's proprietary method of testing in order to ensure it's clients and customers have a reliable testing process. SurScan's customers range from individuals to Fortune 50 companies both domestically and internationally.

SurScan is run by passionate and dedicated professionals to the drug screening industry, and their team of highly qualified specialists. SurScan has become well-respected in the industry and in the United States court system as an expert witness which can testify on the validity of the testing process and explain the details required to understand the misconceptions of testing.

  • Level of accuracy
  • Length of time a drug can still be detected in the system
  • Specific drugs being tested for
  • Legal acceptability

SurScan uses a proven process of the highest standards accepted by the court system and the department of transportation (DOT) regardless of the client being tested.

At SurScan, we respect our clients, we respect the process, and we respect the importance of the results. On behalf of the entire staff at SurScan, we look forward to working with you!

For more information about SurScan, please contact us at 972.633.1388.