Information for Individuals

Protect yourself against false claims or provide proof where needed!

SurScan offers drug, alcohol, and DNA testing for individuals. You do not have to have a court order or school mandate to get a drug, alcohol, or DNA test. We not only provide legally admissible results from our drug testing, but we also offer an expert witness service to testify in court on the drug testing process and the results. Refer to the Legal Section.

Are you worried about protecting yourself in the court of law?

The validity of some drug, alcohol, and DNA testing can be critical in the outcome of some legal proceedings; possibly determining the fate of you, your children, or your case (if you are a lawyer). The major misconception in drug and alcohol testing is that all tests are the same. There are several types of test such as urinalysis, hair, saliva, nail, blood, etc. They vary greatly in their accuracy, available data, and legal acceptability.

Do you need to prove or disprove paternity?

SurScan offers DNA testing services to help you prove or disprove paternity or other relations.

Do you need to prove you were not under the influence after an accident or incident?

Protect yourself from false claims in an accident or incident where someone was harmed. SurScan offer Post Accident Testing services to help you in these incidents. This can mitigate any false claims that could potentially arise in the court of law. This testing should take place as soon as possible after accident or incident but within 48 hours to provide credible, defensible results.

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