Legal-Related Information

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The validity of some drug, alcohol, and DNA testing can be critical in the outcome of some legal proceedings. Possibly determining the fate of you, your children, or your case (if you are a lawyer). The major misconception in drug and alcohol testing is that all tests are the same. There are several types of test such as urinalysis, hair, saliva, nail, blood, etc. They vary greatly in their accuracy, available data, and legal acceptability

Legally admissible drug testing requires the Chain-of-Custody 3 step drug screening process:

  • Screen
  • Confirm
  • Medical Review Officer

The U.S. Supreme Court sanctions this 3-step, drug testing process as "virtually 100% accurate."

How SurScan can help in the court of law

SurScan not only provides legally admissible results from their drug testing, we also offer expert witness services to testify in court on the drug testing process and the results. With a 100% success rate, SurScan is a frequent expert witness for both the defense and the prosecution in drug, alcohol and DNA related cases.

SurScan offers our legal services directly to our clients, lawyers and the court system.

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