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Urine is the best test for determining the most recent drug usage. Most substances are out of the body within a few days, except marijuana. Therefore a positive result from a urine test is due to drug usage within the past 24-72 hours. Urine tests are also the best option for testing drugs that are not on the usual 5-panel test.

Laboratory Process

All urine tests are sent to a SAMSHA certified laboratory for screening and follow the Chain-of-Custody drug screening procedure which provides confirmation, investigation and a formal report from a Medical Review Officer (MRO) on non-negative results. Our lab urine tests include the 10-panel test to detect the use of the five most common illegal drugs and five most common prescription medications.

On-Site Process

The SurScan onsite urinalysis test can provide results within minutes. This test also includes the 10-panel drug screen. However, the on-site test will not include the additional steps of confirmation, investigation and MRO review.

DOT Urine Testing

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